Municipalities should become a catalyst for European Integration

The Executive Director of KLGi Institute, Mr. Besnik Tahiri, participated in the working group on the Western Balkans, where they discussed the relations among EU - Kosovo and the Connectivity Agenda for the Western Balkans.

On this occasion, Mr. Tahiri has stated that there is a need for assistance and mentorship at the local level of the countries that have gone through the same phases and have many similarities, such as Croatia and Slovenia, in order to adapt practices and good models to increase efficiency and quality of services and empower local level.

Furthermore, local governments in Kosovo have not used their potential to improve the quality of services through inter-municipal cooperation. However, there were many good examples, such as the establishment of five regional economic zones, which were realized with the support from European Commission.

Meanwhile, it is also necessary to have improvements on cross-border cooperation in order to facilitate the integration of regional economy and practices at the local level in Kosovo. There are many good practices that should be mentioned, such as the cooperation between Gjilan and Presheva, as well as Bajram Curri with Gjakova.

It should be emphasized that Kosovo shall continue to promote the European model of local government, making municipalities catalysts of European integration, through achieving European standards in many areas related to economic development and increased prosperity.

Present at this event were: the chair of the working group on the Western Balkans Mr. Franz SCHAUSBERGER, mayors, vice-ministers, representatives from the EU office in Kosovo and other diplomatic representatives.