KLGI held a workshop on framing the document of the formula for financing social services

Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI) in support of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (MLSW), organized the next workshop of the Working Group on the preparation of funding formula and criteria for the Special Grant for Social Services ”.

In the meeting were discussed the forms of financing social services based on the Draft Law on Local Government Finance and the Draft Law on Social and Family Services, and the Law on Child Protection.

Special Grant for Social Services serves to finance the cost of delivering social services at the municipal level based on minimum standards. Funding criteria are intended to address problems in current funding and new policies in this area.

This document aims to solve the problems identified, by defining the responsibilities and competences of central and local level institutions and providers of these services, improving access on services by placing them closer to citizens, classifying and organizing services, enhancing quality and sustainable financing of these services.

However, this document will further complement the puzzle, that future social services, in addition to decentralization, will also have financial sustainability. First of all, public budgets should provide adequate financial support for the provision of social services, as this represents an effective investment and an essential element to improve the lives of citizens.

The organization of this workshop is in line with KLGI Institute's commitment of supporting institutions in order to sustainably regulate the local level in Kosovo.

This activity was carried out within the project 'Support for Stronger and Sustainable Municipalities (SSSM)' funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pristina.