KLGI Institute and MRD sign a memorandum of cooperation

Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI) and the Ministry of Regional Development (MRD) have signed a memorandum of cooperation for the advancement of balanced regional socio-economic development in Kosovo.​

This Memorandum aims to define the areas of cooperation between KLGI and RDM, the realization of joint activities, as well as cooperation in other areas of regional development.​

KLGI Institute and the RDM will support each other in drafting policies in the area of balanced regional socio-economic development, through private sector development. At the same time, to coordinate activities related to the development of regional performance by drafting the document "Regional Socio-Economic Indicators"​

Above all, it is foreseen the creation of new opportunities for the provision of professional services at local and regional level, as well as the creation of a more attractive business environment.