Planification with criteria of capital investments by line ministries in municipalities, guarantee for balanced regional development

Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI) together with the Ministry of Regional Development (MRD) organized the meeting to present the final draft of the “Capital Investment Analysis of Line Ministries at Local and Regional Level in 2018”.​

During the meeting was presented the content of the Draft - Capital Investment Analysis of the line ministries at the local / regional level for the year 2018 and the list of capital projects funded by the line ministries in municipalities.​

With the aim of promoting balanced regional development, this document reflects the distribution of capital investments of line ministries in five development regions: Center, East, North, West and South.​

Handling of capital investments of line ministries at local and regional level is done to reflect balanced investments from central level to local and regional level. Above all, this aims to promote balanced regional development, including all municipalities and development regions in central level capital investments.​

Capital investment forecasting aims to identify real resources that will influence the realization of certain projects. Consideration of all factors that influence investment performance determines the quality of their forecasts.​

Representatives of participating municipalities presented their comments on the draft presented by the MRD, the number and accuracy of project titles for which they received funding from line ministries in 2018. They contributed to the finalization of the draft through proposals and other issues related to project planning and implementation, both at central and local level.​

This activity was carried out within the project 'Support for Stronger and Sustainable Municipalities (SSSM)' funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pristina.