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Functionality and Reforms in Local Governance

Events Calendar

27 February 2020

Workshop - " Lease of Immovable Property to the Municipality ", Bear Sanctuary Prishtina Hall – Pristina 10:00​

13 February 2020

Workshop on “Amendments to the Law on the Lease and Use of Immovable Property of the Municipality”, “Orion” Conference Room Prishtina - 10:00​

31 January 2020

Workshop on “The Role of Village Councils and Urban Neighborhoods in Developing Local Democracy ”, “Orion” Conference Room Prishtina - 10:00​

05 December 2019

Three-day workshop on "Public consultation process of municipal acts", "City Hotel" Prizren, Republic of Kosovo.

15 November 2019

Workshop on “Local Finance Framework and Financial Planning”, “Orion” Conference Room Prishtina - 10:00

07 November 2019

Workshop - Consultation on "Administrative Instruction on the Establishment Procedure, Composition and Competencies of the Standing Committees in the Municipality" - Orion Conference Room Prishtina - 10:00

25 October 2019

Workshop - 'Organization and Functioning of Mandatory Committees', Conference Room "Orion" Prishtina - 10:00

23 October 2019

Consultative meeting for review of the draft document “Indicators for Monitoring Socio-Economic Regional Economic Balance in Kosovo”, Conference Room “Orion” Prishtina - 10:00

24 September 2019

Workshop - ''Presentation of the draft Regional Development Strategy 2020-2030'', Bear Sanctuary Prishtina Hall – Pristina 10:00